Question Bank

A Multi Language and Fully Tagged Repository of Questions and Answers


LRNiTO is designed for having a large pool of questions and answers. No matter what the number and sizes of questions and answers, or how complex their categorization, or how many exams are  taken at the same time and how many people are accessing, the question bank always performs correctly and retrieves data in a fraction of a second


The Question Bank is highly secure and cannot be entered or accessed without prior authorization. User profiles are checked against their accesses and only those with the right permission are able to access the bank and add questions, modify, or use them. SSL certificates are used throughout LRNiTO to ensure highest degree of security


It is super fast. Considering the number of questions that it can take, their sizes, their answers, various exams which are created, and number of users who can access at any one time, the bank’s response and as the result, its user experience is completely satisfactory


On such a large scale, creating a credible question bank is very much similar to publishing a textbook which needs cooperation and collaboration of a number of people each with specific role and responsibility in order to ensure timeliness and integrity of content. LRNiTO has a dedicated process for its content authoring


A Very Good Question …


Every good learning experience starts and ends with a question. So we started LRNiTO with questions and answers as its primary assets. LRNiTO gives you a large database for your questions and answers.

Our Question Bank reflects your curriculum plus more. You can tag questions based on topics and subjects to several level deep. Alternatively questions may be tagged based on a textbook, its chapters, sections, and subjects.


Tag Them!

Questions may be tagged in a number of ways and their combinations. You may tag them according to your school system or your establishment’s structure. Questions may be tagged corresponding to their level of difficulty. And of course, questions can be tagged based on their type.

Most important, questions are tagged based on your curriculim subject tree.


This could for example be your school system which might include Primay and High School. For a corporation, this could be any of its different kinds of personnel, such as front line support, Technical Support, etc


In some countries, students opt for one of their major programs such as Maths and Applied Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences


For a school, this could be any of the years 1-12 or more. For a corporation, this could correspond to a level at their organizational chart

Subject Tree

LRNiTO lets you define your subject three with many levels of hierarchy

Question Type

Multiple Choice/Yes-No/Match/Essay/Short Answer/etc

Difficulty Level

Difficult/Moderate/Simple. You can also attach weights of 0 to 100

Left to Right and Right to Left

LRNiTO takes text, pictures, audio, and video. It can be fully localized. Apart from working with different languages, perhaps the most important aspect is that it accepts and works perfectly well in Left to Right and Right to Left. This is a highly important issue when it comes to showing formulas in a native style.  We can show super complicated LaTeX formulas in Right to Left languages content. We are currently collaborating with industry leading open source projects such as KaTex to contribute our knowledge & experience in working with formulas in different languages to their code base.


Let’s Built it Together

LRNiTO Question Bank is designed to maintain a large pool of questions and answers.

Currently, we do not offer question and answer authoring as part of the product. It is a completely separate process. There is a reason for that. Our deployments typically contain between 100,000 to 200,000 questions and their answers. It is vital to make sure correct and error free entry of such volume of data. We have designed and implemented a complete process for that and we will deploy it for you. We will work with you to fully populate your Question Bank.

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