Student Based Learning

Exams for Learning, Our Idea of Exams

Pre and Post Exams

Let’s face it. Tests and Exams are part of learning. Textbooks are full of end of subject and end of chapter questions and quizes.

Assessments help educators determine when a student is ready to move on to the next subject.

LRNiTO helps here. We think the two time zones of pre and post exams are some of the best times for learning more.

Before any exam, LRNiTO uses the main subject of the test and offers a number of resources to the students to study and get ready. After the test, LRNiTO uses result of each student and suggests a number of resources to further study. These are determined based on student’s answers.


Deep linking is at the heart of our product development. LRNiTO is able to connect and integrate with many services which we have built. CrossLink takes this a huge leap further by allowing not only our own assets and content to be made available to LRNiTO, but also any asset which exists anywhere whose owner is willing to make it either publicly available or at a cost.


Before Exam

This sample exam is from Biology, Grade 12. LRNiTO uses just this bit of information to come up with a number of useful and related short contents which could include videos and micro lessons

After Exam

This student has actually been answeing questions in three sub-topics. Based on the results, LRNiTO offers a number of contents to the student to study. They focuss on student’s errors in the exam


At the heart of CrossLink® is our novel and state of the art asset recommendation system. We call it Web Scale Asset Discovery. Imagine if your learning system could allow its users to ask for a certain asset such as a training video, or a figure, or even a complete course. WSAD starts working in its complex but fast AI based network of nodes to discover who has such an asset and provides the path to it, no matter where it might be situated. WSAD has a pre-built and growing database of information about many different kinds of assets. It organically grows as it is always trying to learn more and strives to find and relate to such assets using deep learning. WSAD covers both publicly available assets as well as proprietary ones in line with restrictions applied by their owners. As a first step, we are making our own publishing house assets (PUBNiTO) available to the WSAD. This enables LRNiTO to find and use any textbook or other contents that PUBNiTO publishes.

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